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Anna is unlike other tourists - she didn’t want to see Khajuraho, she wanted to write it. Write it so well that it would seem like a film. For this, she needed a guide who was also unlike others. “बृजभूषण चन्देल (बीबीसी), गाइड एंड विलेज टूरिज्म प्रोमोटर। सेवन लैंग्वेज एक्सपर्ट। ऑल्वेज़ एट योअर सर्विस।” This is the visiting card that our protagonist, Anna, the foreign tourist at Khajuraho, receives from the ‘Lapkaa’ BBC. Lapkaa is a colloquial term referring to guides looking to attract wealthy female foreign tourists. What happens when Anna meets the Lapkaa known as BBC? What makes him so different from other guides? What secrets do the land of Khajuraho hold for our protagonists?

Khajuraho is a small village in central India, surrounded by 21 ancient temples, built between the 9th and the 12th centuries. It used to be a site of a great city which later fell into decline and eventually disappeared altogether. However, some of the temples did survive. After India’s Independence, Khajuraho once again became a major tourist attraction. Built on high terraces during the Chandella dynasty, the Khajuraho temples showcase a rare perfection of architecture and design. The sandstone sculptures on the temple walls are well-known for their depiction of eroticism, scenes of battle, dancing and everyday life. Author Sunil Chaturvedi is well-versed with the history and beauty of Khajuraho. With the backdrop of Khajuraho, he lets the unique culture and characteristics of the people take center-stage. He brings his characters to life with vivid dialogues and enchanting imagery.

Read Lapkaa and take a stroll through Khajuraho with Anna, BBC, Naved, Ravi and many other interesting characters.

लेखक का परिचय

सुनील चतुर्वेदी

जन्म: 11 जनवरी, 1963 को उज्जैन (म. प्र.) में

शिक्षा: एम. एस-सी., पीएच. डी.

'महामाया', 'कालीचाट', गाफिल (उपन्यास).

जल संवर्द्धन एवं संरक्षण पर 'पानी दे गुड़धानी दे, रुको बूंद' पुस्तकें तथा 'विज़िट गरीबी' (उपन्यास) एवं कई रिपोर्ताज प्रकाशित।

'पानी दे गुड़धानी दे' के लिए राष्ट्रीय मेदिनी पुरस्कार। 'महामाया' के लिए प्रतिष्ठित 'वागीश्वरी' एवं 'कालीचाट', 'गाफिल' के लिए 'रवीन्द्र कालिया सम्मान'। उपन्यास 'कालीचाट' पर इसी नाम से फीचर फिल्म का निर्माण। कल्याण इंटरनेशनल फिल्म फेस्टिवल में 'कालीचाट' को बेस्ट स्टोरी अवार्ड।

Pages: 169

Language: Hindi