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TWELFTH FAIL | 12th Fail Book


Anurag Pathak, through his second venture in the field of writing, does something rare in the field of book publishing - confirms the praises offered on the back cover! With the many millions of UPSC aspirants flooding in each year, there is no other book that is as relevant as this one in this day and age.

In a country like India, where "Twelfth fail" (12th Fail) is not a description but rather an insult, Pathak turns the phrase on its head through the inspiring tale of Manoj Kumar Sharma. Rising above the hurdles and challenges on his way, Manoj Sharma has made his mark through his many achievements i.e. his current position as an IPS officer. Pathak, one of Manoj Sharma's dearest friends, witnessed the struggle and brought it to life through his biographical book "Twelfth Fail" (12th Fail).

In the preface of the book, Vikas Divyakriti makes a bold claim, "After reading and understanding this book you will not be the same person you were before you read it". This claim has been more than satisfied by the author.

So, for all the UPSC aspirants, for all the "Twelfth fails" and for every youth in India, this book is a must-read. Not for the tips to crack UPSC...not for the inspiring tale of overcoming hurdles... but to learn and understand the many mysteries of life that an Indian youth faces.

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